ADX Design Week Party!!

Design week is coming to an end in Portland.  I didn't attend many events this year but I was lucky enough to be at the ADX Party on Friday the 28th.  If you don't already know, I am a pretty active member over at ADX.  If you don't know what ADX is, well, it is only the coolest makers space filled with the most amazing, creative people I've ever met!!  They recently purchased another 10,000 sf, they call the ANX, and filled it with even more amazing people and machines and other... things!  On Friday, as a part of design week, ADX did a launch party and ribbon cutting (more like a wooden ribbon sawing) to make the ANX official!  Commissioner Chloe Eudaly gave a little speech about how much she loves ADX and then grabbed the saw and cut the ribbon!  It was a lot of fun and there was a great turnout.  The owner of DIY BAR was there and they had an awesome deal on crafts for people to do.  There was food carts and music and drinks as well as a VW bus with a photo booth inside. 

Here are some moments I captured of the lovely people who attended the event!  If you see anyone you know send them the link to the blog so they can check it out!!