About The STock MArket


Hey there!

I'm Kristen Manning.

Photographer, Stylist, and Creator of The Stock Market, a styled stock photography brand!

The Stock Market is an extension of my photography business where I create styled stock images for personal or professional use by creative individuals like you!  I've always had an entrepreneurial mindset and, like most small businesses, a small budget.  After interior design school, when I was creating handmade and printed napkins to sell, I wanted to learn to photograph them in such a way that people would have to have them.  So I took a few classes and found I really, truly loved to create beautifully fashioned lifestyle shots of products.   After a few pivots along the road, and becoming part of a rather larger maker community in Portland, Oregon, I found that styled stock images are far more affordable for the budding craftsman than the personalized product photography I offer.  

So, as a part of my interior photography and lifestyle product photography business, I now bring you styled stock as a way to help small businesses stay branded and beautiful!

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I am really an ideas person.  I jump from idea to idea searching for the right fit for me.  I have never wanted to "work for the man".  While I have done so in order to survive, what has always kept me going was this idea that YES, I can create a dream career and life for myself. 

I think my ultimate goal is to leave a milieu of beauty in my wake. My obsession with ambiance runs deep. It plays such an important role in our lives and experiences and we don't always realize it. I believe that the idea of creating a pleasing environment translates into our brand identity and businesses as well as the places we choose to spend our time. I want to create spaces and images that people desire to be a part of.

We all possess different gifts and abilities and I want to create amazing imagery to help people whose abilities lay elsewhere, the small business owner, blogger, designer, etc.

An equally important part of my business is photographing Interiors for business owners and designers. I want to capture the essence of what it is like to actually be in a specific home or a restaurant. Having an education in, and deep love for, interior design, I tend to pick up on even the subtlest details in design that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

So what is your dream, passion, goal? How can I help you achieve it?


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