My Story


Hey there!

I'm Kristen Manning.

Photographer, Stylist, and Simple Living Enthusiast!

First of all, thank you for visiting my website!  I am so glad you are here!

I am Kristen Manning,  Portland photographer and stylist.  Most days you can find me in my home studio creating beautiful images of local makers' products, feeding my obsession for interior design by taking on new projects and renovations around my home, and generally living a laid back homesteading lifestyle.  I believe in sustainability, deep nutrition, Jesus and simplicity.

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I am, kind of, known for being on of those types who can never settle on one thing to do with my life because I have so many things I love and want to do.  I went to school for interior design and, of course, I absolutely loved it!  But I need creative freedom so I veered off that path a little bit.  I designed some fabrics and started making prints for napkins, bags, tea towels, etc. I wanted to learn to photograph them so I took some courses and found that I really, really love styling and product photography!  

So, I started doing that part time and that spread into real estate photography and eventually came around full circle back to interior design photography. Now, I have a studio where I do my product photography and I travel to photograph interiors!

 I love encouraging others to be proactive in their lives and go out and grab that dream!  I believe in simplifying and slowing down our lives to create space to experience the true beauty and wonders of life!  I find ways to weave this idea into my every day work in a way that can be portrayed to others through photography, styling and blogging.  I've got some big things in the works revolving around simple living.  It's too early to talk about it but if you subscribe to my newsletter you will be in the know as things begin to unfold and you will be the first to receive special offers to get in on what is in store! I'm soooo excited!!


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